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Dream Catcher
Draw 4486 on 04 December 2022 15:00 EST

Win up to $5400 with Dream Catcher!

Draw 353 on 06 December 2022 02:05

Bet on the Powerball, current jackpot $89m!

Daily Draw
Draw 146 on 05 December 2022 04:05

UK Lotto
Draw 224 on 07 December 2022 19:05

Bet on UK Lotto, current jackpot £5m!

Irish Lotto
Draw 224 on 07 December 2022 19:05

Bet on Irish Lotto, current jackpot €7m!

Mega Millions
Draw 287 on 07 December 2022 02:05

Bet on the Mega Millions, current jackpot $122m!

Draw 287 on 06 December 2022 19:05

Bet on the EuroMillions, current jackpot €52m!

Carnival Raffles
Draw 24 on 30 December 2022 15:00

Enter to win fantastic prizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of entering the International lotteries you are placing a bet on the outcome. You pick your numbers in the same way as you would the actual Lotto, and you can win the same prize tiers including the jackpot we advertise.

Your lotto tickets are stored on your lotto draw page. Simply visit the relevant lotto draw page to see them. 

When the lotto draw has taken place, you can check your numbers on the Carnival Lotto homepage or on the results page. If you are a winner, you will also receive an email notifying you of your win.