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Dream Catcher
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How to play Dream Catcher

Step 1) First you need to choose your dream Mark

Step 2) Enter the amount you want to stake

Step 3) Choose your Dream Boosts

Step 4) Choose your Dream Boost stake (can not be higher than your Dream Mark stake)

Step 5) Choose the draw times you want to enter

Step 6) Choose how many days you want to play for

Step 7) Hit that buy button

What are Dream Boosts?

Dream Catcher features Dream Boosting Crystal Balls called Mystic, Oracle and Fortune. Dream Boosts allow you to elevate your dreams to even bigger WINS! Place a bet on as many Dream Boosting Crystal Balls as you like. Avoid the Dark Clouds being drawn for each Dream Boost to increase your winnings!

Each Dream Boost has slightly different odds of being the winning Crystal Ball;

Mystic winning odds 1 in 3 times

Oracle winning odds 1 in 4 times

Fortune winning odds 1 in 5 times

A losing Dream Boost will bring the Dark Clouds.

But, don't forget the Dream Boosts only pay out if your Main Mark is a winner!

How much can I win?

Dream Catcher pays at the following rates;

Main Mark 30 to 1

Mystic 80 to 1

Oracle 110 to 1

Fortune 140 to 1

The more you stake the more you win.

So for example say you bet on Mark number 20 and all the Dream Boosts with a stake of £1 on the Main Mark and £1 on the Dream Boosts. Your mark wins and the Mystic and Fortune Dream Boosts win, then you would get the following payout.

Dream Mark pays $30

Mystic pays $80

Oracle pays $110

Fortune pays $140

You would then see a prize deposit on your account for $250.

How often is Dream Catcher drawn?

We have 6 draws a day Sunday to Sunday. The draw times are 08:30, 10:30, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 20:25. All draw times are in Jamaica local time.

Risk Protection

When playing Dream Catcher, if a single mark/number has received a disproportionate number of bets on a particular draw, that mark/number will be temporarily disabled and unavailable for selection by players for that draw.  

This helps ensure that Carnival Lotto is always able to make full payment for all winning bets.

Any disabled numbers will be available to select once bets become balanced again. Bets placed before a number is disabled are still included in the draw and fully eligible for prize payout should they win.